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What Massachusetts Drivers Should Know About Summer Accidents

Drivers should be well-aware of common dangers on the road during the warmer months of the year.

You might be planning a vacation or road trip for when the weather starts to warm up. As you are planning your route and your destination, make yourself aware of the fact that auto accidents commonly increase during the summer for a number of reasons. Be sure to pack some useful information to take with you so you can enjoy your time on the road and make it back to Massachusetts safe and sound.

You are not the only one on vacation

Summertime is prime time for vacationing, and with plane tickets becoming more expensive, more people opt to drive rather than fly. This means highways, freeways and interstates are more clogged with people looking to get away, which increases the chances of auto accidents. While you cannot make other people change their travel plans or destinations, you can be extra cautious while sharing the road with others.

New destinations

A change of scenery is good for a lot of things, but it is not ideal for drivers making their way into unknown territory. When you are traveling a new route, you are unfamiliar with the normal flow of traffic, the locations of traffic signals and stop signs and the flow of the road. These unknown variables can combine to form a recipe for disaster, such as a highway accident. Before heading out, check map apps to become a bit more familiar with what you can expect so you know when and where you can expect a leisurely drive and stop-and-go traffic.

Holiday weekends

When summer holidays like the Fourth of July and Memorial Day fall on a weekend, you can expect for there to be more vehicles on the road. Even if people do not go out of town, local streets are likely to be clogged for events like fireworks, block parties and barbeques. When you head out for similar public events, consider heading out earlier and going home later to avoid congestion and the frustration that comes with it.

Younger drivers on the road

Young, inexperienced drivers usually flood the streets during the summer. Unfortunately, your neighborhood and where you commonly drive might be a proving ground of sorts for them to improve their driving skills, which might result in fender benders or more serious accidents.

Road construction

Warmer weather is a good time for remodeling and building, which is why you see more road construction taking place in the summer. Roads might be blocked off, and traffic could be diverted to other thoroughfares. With both, there is the potential for an accident to occur.

If you are ever involved in a traffic accident in Massachusetts you feel was caused by negligence, know that you have rights. Reach out to an attorney as well as your insurance company to explore your legal options.