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Identifying All Parties Responsible For A DUI Accident

Have you been hurt in a car accident or truck accident caused by a drunk driver? For many people who experience this type of accident, the fact that the other driver was drinking makes the situation catastrophic. You deserve to be compensated for the suffering you have been made to endure.

Since opening our doors more than half a century ago, we have established The Law Offices of Joseph J. Cariglia, P.C., as a premier car accident litigation firm in Worcester, Boston, Springfield, Framingham and throughout central Massachusetts. In that time, we have earned a track record of successful verdicts and settlements for our clients.

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Liability For Drunk Driving Car Accidents In Massachusetts

One of the most important aspects of drunk driver accident lawsuits and fatal accident claims in Massachusetts involves establishing liability.

  • There is the general liability for the driver and the insurance company that exists in all car accident litigation, but in many cases, there is a third-party liability for the driver’s alcohol-impaired state while driving.
  • In underage drinking accident cases, there is liability for the adult who provided the minor or teen with alcohol in the first place.
  • In adult drunk driver accident cases, dramshop law establishes liability for the tavern or other establishment that over-served the driver.
  • There is also social host liability in cases where the driver drank too much at a party hosted by someone else.

Helping You With Your Lawsuit

Most people are not financially prepared to fund major, protracted personal injury litigation. Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis for liquor liability cases. You will not be asked to pay attorney fees until we successfully collect on a successful verdict or settlement. This approach has allowed many of our clients to pursue just compensation for their injuries without the major financial investment on the front end that most people cannot afford.

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