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Tips For Massachusetts Teaching Their Kids To Drive

Parents should know the right way to teach their teens how to drive to better prevent future accidents and to impart better driving habits in future drivers.

While not all drivers are at fault for car accidents that take place in Massachusetts, knowing how to be a good driver in the first place can go a long way in keeping avoidable accidents at bay. Parents who are teaching their teenaged kids to drive should know how to go about instructing them the right way to help keep them out of motor vehicle accidents once they become licensed drivers.

The importance of brake room

A great deal of accidents can be avoided if drivers were to leave enough room between cars. Parents should stress this to young drivers, making sure they understand that they should leave at least the length of a car between them and the vehicle in front of them. Teen drivers should also know that the faster they drive, the more room they should leave for adequate braking.

Look far and near

While knowing what is going on immediately around you while driving is vital, the same is true of knowing what is going on far down the road. For instance, if traffic has flowed to a standstill up the road, teen drivers should prepare to slow down so the shift is not sudden. Looking a couple of cars ahead can also give drivers a heads-up to start braking before the car in front of them does, and that is if the car in front of them actually brakes.

Have teens pull over when a mistake is made

It is not always cellphones, billboards and food that distract drivers. Sometimes, those distractions come from talking passengers. If a teen learning how to drive makes a mistake, parents should have her or him pull over and explain what he or she did wrong rather than do so while the car is still in motion. This way, young drivers can put their full attention on what is being said rather than splitting their concentration between mom or dad and the road.

Build up driving sessions

When young drivers are just getting started with learning how to drive, parents should limit their sessions to about 10 to 20 minutes so they do not feel overwhelmed. When both driver and parent feel more comfortable and have a better grip of the rules of the road, parents can increase the time of driving sessions. After sessions are complete, it is a good idea to review lessons, mistakes and anything done well.

Both young and old Massachusetts drivers alike can be involved in accidents where the other driver is at fault. It is best to consult with an experienced attorney for such matters to decide on the best legal option.