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To Make the Roads Safe, Drivers and Cyclists Should Coexist Peacefully

Cyclists don’t like drivers – and the feeling is quite mutual. But since Massachusetts law gives cyclists the right to drive on any public street, road or bikeway, drivers are going to have to find a way to coexist peacefully with cyclists in order to keep everyone safe.

This rivalry for the road is nothing new. From the drivers’ perspective, cyclists are a nuisance that should not be sharing the roads with them. Drivers believe that many cyclists ride too fast to be seen, often ride in packs that slow down the flow of traffic and don’t do enough to keep themselves safe – like wearing helmets or using bike lights.

On the other hand, cyclists think drivers spend too much time getting distracted by their cell phones to pay attention to the road, don’t stop when they are supposed to and neglect to warn others when they need to turn – which in many circumstances causes devastating accidents with cyclists.

State Bike Safety Laws

Cyclists and motorists may never see eye to eye, but Massachusetts has safety rules in place in order to keep cyclists safe on roads around the state. Among the rules that cyclists must remember include:

  • using hand signals when they are about to turn or stop
  • giving pedestrians the right of way
  • attaching a permanent seat to their bikes
  • using reflectors when visibility is low and wearing reflective materials at night
  • keeping their hands on the handlebars at all times

Despite these safety precautions, accidents still happen. If you’re a cyclist who has been injured by a motorist, contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can advise you of your rights and help you get compensation for the damages you suffered.