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OSHA investigation examines trenching and excavation risks

When there is an injury or fatality on the job, Massachusetts workers and their families must be fully aware of the steps they should take to receive workers' compensation benefits. Some jobs hold a certain amount of inherent risk and it is up to the employer and regulatory agencies to ensure the proper steps are taken to make sure workers are safe. This is especially true with trenches and excavation. As the number of deaths increase with trenching and excavation projects, more attention is paid to the safety of workers. If a person was hurt or a family lost a loved one when working in a trench or while excavating, it is critical to know how to pursue compensation.

Man injured on the job as he works on fallen tree

Outdoor maintenance is an important job for community safety - things like keeping trees pruned and clearing branches that might fall. Inevitably, this requires workers to go high into the air to perform their duties. As with any job where workers are deployed at significant heights, falls can happen and result in injuries and fatalities. These happen even when the workers are taking all the safety precautions they are supposed to. After a workplace accident in these circumstances, the injured party and his or her family must be cognizant of the need for legal help to get workers' compensation and other benefits.

Falling window frame leads to injured worker and hospitalization

For Massachusetts workers who are employed in the construction industry, they will undoubtedly understand the risks of being injured. There are many ways in which there can be a workplace accident and it can lead to long-term damage and even death. Fortunately, these workers should be covered by workers' compensation benefits. Often, workers need legal help to ensure that they get the workers' compensation to which they are entitled.

Key points about vocational rehabilitation for an injured worker

When a Massachusetts worker is injured on the job and receives workers' compensation, it does not necessarily mean their injuries will prevent them from ever working again. There could, however, be a problem getting back into condition to do the same job as before. This is where vocational rehabilitation (VR) comes in. With VR, the goal is to get the person back to work. Understanding how VR can affect workers' compensation benefits is key after the injury or condition prevents the person from working the old job.

Workers' compensation, independent contractors and subcontractors

One common dispute regarding workers' compensation benefits in Massachusetts is who is considered an employee and who is not. This is an important consideration when there is a person who is injured while working, and they need workers' compensation to determine if they are eligible for it. That eligibility can be a problem. In the state, an employee is a person who is in the service of another under any contract. That includes an oral contract, a written contract, express or implied.

Worker falls down shaft in construction site accident

While workplace injuries can happen with any job in Massachusetts, jobs are more inherently dangerous than others. One that places workers at risk, no matter their caution and vigilance, is construction work. Because these jobs can leave workers so prone to injury, it is imperative that those who suffer injuries in a construction accident understand their rights to seek workers' compensation and perhaps, consider a legal filing for their injuries.

When can workers' compensation benefits be stopped or modified?

Massachusetts workers who have been injured or suffer a condition on the job that prevents them from working will generally be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. The insurer is responsible to make these payments for the required duration and in the proper amount based on the circumstances. However, there are times when the insurer who is making the weekly payments can modify the workers' compensation benefits the work accident victim gets or can stop them entirely. It is important to know the situations in which this can happen.

Workers' compensation and impartial medical examiners

Massachusetts workers who are injured on the job or suffer a workplace-related illness will want to pursue workers' compensation benefits. Not all cases are settled quickly and there might be a dispute as to whether the worker's application will be approved or not. It might be necessary to have an impartial medical examiner examine the worker. Knowing the law in relation to this situation is imperative so the worker is prepared.

What is temporary total incapacity workers' compensation?

When Massachusetts workers are injured on the job, they should know that they can seek workers' compensation benefits. However, there might be some confusion as to the benefits they are eligible to receive and how the amount is calculated. There are several levels of benefits, including temporary total incapacity benefits, partial incapacity benefits, and permanent and total incapacity benefits. This post will center on temporary total incapacity benefits under workers' compensation claims.

Work accident victim suffers leg injury after trench collapses

Construction and maintenance are a constant in Massachusetts or any municipality. This is vital for the safety of the public and functionality of basic services. However, it is important to remember that whenever there is a project underway, there is the danger of a work accident. This is when it is important to remember how workers' compensation benefits are essential to help a work accident victim cover lost wages and pay for medical expenses. When there is a problem with the workers' compensation or any other issue, having legal help for the case is imperative.

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