Aggressive truck drivers are a danger to you on the road

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Most people do not like driving around large trucks on the busy roads and highways of Massachusetts. Although you may do what you can to avoid driving too close to trucks, sometimes truck drivers are aggressive and this behavior can put you in danger.

Additionally, the National Safety Council reports that 94% of accidents are due to an action of the driver, with only a small percentage caused by other issues, such as weather or mechanical problems.

Forms of aggressive driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration There are many ways truck drivers can behave aggressively on the roads. They may tailgate you if they believe you are driving too slowly, change lanes in the middle of heavy traffic or drive too fast for conditions, causing you to adjust your speed to try to avoid them.

Truck drivers are on tight schedules. They have deadlines by which they must reach their destinations and can drive aggressively when they get behind schedule.

Falling behind schedule is sometimes out of their control. They might get stuck in traffic or be delayed by the weather. However, that is not an excuse for them to drive aggressively and put other drivers in danger.

Drowsiness is another common problem truck drivers face. We are all usually irritable and in a worse mood when we are tired. If we drive when we feel this way, we are more likely to drive aggressively.

Reacting to aggressive truck drivers

Do whatever you can to avoid aggressive truck drivers on the roads, even if that means delaying your trip by pulling over somewhere safe until the truck gets far enough ahead. If you obtain enough details about the truck, consider reporting their behavior to the police.

Aggressive driving is negligent driving. If you are injured due to an aggressive truck driver, there are ways to hold them responsible.


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