Defective products can cause serious workplace injuries

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Many of us work with different types of equipment or products in our jobs. However, if these are defective, they can cause you to suffer serious injuries and may cause you to lose time from work.

Defective products

If machinery is defective because of a design flaw, a manufacturing error or inadequate warnings, you could be injured. For example, if a safety mechanism is missing, you could be caught in the machinery or fall. An inadequate warning can leave you unaware of the risks of using a product, which can cause an accident.

Also, if you use a vehicle for work, like a truck or an excavator, a brake failure or a steering defect can be disastrous.

Defective electrical devices can cause fires or electric shocks, as well as faulty wiring. Similarly, if you encounter hazardous materials and the equipment used to handle it is faulty, you could suffer from a chemical burn or long-term respiratory issues.

Finally, if you use products that are recalled, but not removed or replaced at the job site, you could increase your risk of injury.

Common injuries

Workplace accidents can lead to strains and sprains from repetitive motions, overexertion, back injuries, cuts and bruises. You can break or dislocate bones if you fall and in serious situations, may need your limbs amputated if they are caught in machinery.

If you are struck by an object, you can suffer from a traumatic head injury or a concussion. In addition to physical injuries, you may have ongoing psychological injuries like post-traumatic stress disorder.


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