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The dangers of using a phone while driving

Most drivers in Massachusetts are aware of the dangers cell phones pose on the roadway. The biggest concern with using a cell phone while driving is the distraction it can cause. People who are texting while driving have their eyes diverted from the roadway and their driving-related actions.

Protecting the rights of car accident victims in Massachusetts

Motorists in Massachusetts are not usually prepared to deal with the aftermath of an automobile collision. Not only will a victim likely suffer injuries and damages, their life could be greatly impacted for a long time. A serious crash could result in temporary or permanent disabilities, resulting in the victim's inability to work or return to their normal life. This just adds to the financial burdens caused by the incident, but victims should be aware of ways to offset these costs.

How much of a problem is distracted driving?

As a previous post highlighted, distracted driving is dangerous and could lead to serious and even fatal collisions in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the U.S. Whether drivers takes their eyes off of the road, removes their hand or hands from the driving wheel or takes their focus off of driving by having a phone or in-person conversation, all of these activities can cause drivers to take their minds off the primary task of driving. No matter if this lasts for a split second or not, engaging in any distracting activity increases the risks and chances of an accident occurring.

Distracted driving is more than just texting and driving

Anything that causes drivers to take their eyes off of the roadway is considered dangerous. Even if it is something simple and lasts only a short moment, distracted driving is a hazardous behavior that could lead to serious and even fatal car accidents on roadways in Massachusetts.

Accident reconstruction required after collision injuring four

When residents in Massachusetts are involved in an automobile collision, they usually seek to better understand the cause of the crash. In some instances, the cause and fault of the accident are obvious and are often confirmed later by authorities. However, with some accidents, it is difficult to ascertain how it occurred and who was at fault. In these situations, accident reconstruction can be vital, helping law enforcement and investigators assign liability to the appropriate party.

Authorities believe vehicle cut truck off, causing fatal crash

Because drivers are aware that accidents could happen at any moment, many take proactive and evasive action to avoid hazards and collisions. While this could help prevent some accidents from occurring, this unfortunately does not always occur. Moreover, when drivers make sudden maneuvers to avoid a collision, this could lead to even graver results.

Crash severity and DUI accidents

While it is unfortunate that there are many dangers present on roadways, it is a reality that many drivers in Massachusetts and other states must face. Even when drivers seek to improve safety by following the rules of the road and upholding his or her duties of care while behind the wheel, this does not protect them from negligent drivers, especially those that are reckless on the roads. When an intoxicated driver gets behind the wheel of the car, they not only risk their own life but the lives of many others. Moreover, the damage caused by a drunk driving accident is often significant, resulting frequently in serious injuries, fatalities and severe damages.

Massachusetts State Trooper struck and injured by drunk driver

The negligence and recklessness of a driver is often the unfortunate cause of an automobile collision. Whether they are speeding, distracted, intoxicated or a combination of any of these, a driver failing to uphold the duty of care required by all drivers could lead to a car crash involving serious injuries and even death.

Addressing a whiplash injury following a car accident

While drivers in Massachusetts do not expect to be involved in an automobile collision, the reality is that they face these risks every time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. When an accident does occur, those involved should properly address any issues regarding their health. In some cases, a major or minor accident could result in few or no injuries, but accident victims should be certain to rule out any injuries that could present themselves following the accident.

Protecting your rights after a car accident

While being involved in a car accident is the last thing on a person's mind, it is an event that could occur and could greatly impact the life of an accident victim. Our law firm understands that drivers and passengers in Massachusetts could suffer tremendously in a car crash. Not only could their health be at risk, but they could encounter financial hardships due to their injuries, damages and losses suffered in the incident. This is why it is crucial that victim understand their rights and take appropriate actions following an automobile collision.

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