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National nursing home chain sued for lack of proper care

Nursing homes are quickly becoming a big business. As the number of baby boomers retiring and entering assisted living facilities continues to grow so does the number of nursing homes. Unfortunately the boom in business does not always benefit nursing home residents. In some cases too many residents and inadequate staffing lie at the root of many problems.

Protecting the rights of nursing home residents

As the baby boomer generation continues to age and retire, the importance of nursing homes and assisted living facilities will grow. While nursing homes are ideal targets for sensational news stories exposing abuse, a majority of elder abuse actually takes place at home by the hands of a loved one or paid caretaker. But this type of abuse is often hard to discover, as many people are hesitant to take their loved ones to court or have them face criminal penalties for their behavior. Although most abuse happens at home, nursing homes negligence has likely been occurring since the inception of these facilities, which has left the industry with a long track record of misdeeds toward the elderly.

What is a reasonable standard of care for nursing homes?

Nursing homes can be found in almost every city in the United States. In the almost hundred years since their creation, nursing homes have made many changes since they first opened their doors. Some of these changes have been market-driven, while others are in response to federal and state legislation. The most comprehensive legislation concerning nursing homes was passed in 1987.

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