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Protecting your rights after a car accident

While being involved in a car accident is the last thing on a person's mind, it is an event that could occur and could greatly impact the life of an accident victim. Our law firm understands that drivers and passengers in Massachusetts could suffer tremendously in a car crash. Not only could their health be at risk, but they could encounter financial hardships due to their injuries, damages and losses suffered in the incident. This is why it is crucial that victim understand their rights and take appropriate actions following an automobile collision.

Three injured in multi-vehicle collision in Massachusetts

Drivers in Massachusetts understand the safe driving habits could help increase the safety of drivers and passengers on the roadways. Although upholding their duty of care while behind the wheel and following the rules of the road could prevent a car accident from occurring, it does not always prevent them from encountering a negligent driver. When a driver speeds, fails to check their blind spots, travels too closely to other vehicles, fails to maintain their lane or does not signal a turn or maneuver, a serious accident could ensue.

Two elderly women and two children hurt in head-on collision

For people in Worcester, one of the last things they consider when they head out onto the road is being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Although the majority of drivers are cautious and keep an eye out for other vehicles and pedestrians, there is always the potential for a car accident. These can happen for a variety of reasons. Some are due to carelessness. Others are due to simple misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. No matter how the accident occurs, serious injury is always a danger.

One killed in six-car crash on Mother's day

After those injured in an accident are taken to the hospital, their cars moved and traffic returned to its normal flow there is an often overlooked step that occurs after many serious accidents, the investigation. An accident investigation can take anywhere from a couple of hours to months as investigators piece together the details of the accident, even recreating events to uncover the truth.

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