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December 2016 Archives

Government should take on larger role against nursing home abuse

Residents in Massachusetts and other states cannot help but think about the future. Whether they are planning for themselves or a loved one, long-term care facilities are often thought about as individuals and family members age. While nursing home facilities are an effective way to ensure elderly loved ones obtain the care they require, they are also institutions where negligence and abuse are known to occur.

Is the current workers' comp system outdated?

For most residents in Massachusetts, going to work Monday through Friday 9 to 5 is pretty typical. And while most of these jobs carry with them little to no risks, other industries require employees to endure a significant amount of risk each and every day. Because of that, it is important that there is a current workers' compensation system in place that can be relied on if an employee suffers a workplace injury.

Helping you recover workers' compensation benefits

Everyday, most residents in Massachusetts go to work. While many enjoy their place of employment, most people go to work each day for a source of income. This income is heavily relied upon, and, when it is limited or halted because of a work injury, this can become very detrimental for an employee.

Keep your children safe: Tips for choosing safe toys and gifts

When choosing a gift for your child, keep in mind that not all toys are meant for all children. In the U.S. alone last year there were over 250,000 toy-related injuries requiring emergency room visits. Almost half of those were injuries to the head and face and more than 30 percent of total injuries happened to children under the age of five.

Three common causes of truck accidents during the winter season

During the holidays, motorists in Massachusetts and elsewhere see an increase of travelers on the roadways. This is not only because of residents traveling to and from family and holiday gatherings but also because of the influx of commercial trucks transporting goods across the nation. Because most residents purchase gifts online, it is likely that companies across the nation are trying to keep up with this demand. Additionally, these companies are trying to make their deadlines, getting their shipments to their destinations on time, despite the traffic and weather that might cause delays.

Exploring the duties of common carriers following a bus accident

For some Massachusetts residents, riding on a bus is commonplace. This form of public transportation is not only reliable but also efficient and environmentally friendly. And, while buses are able to transport a large number of passengers at one time, this also places numerous people at risk if a bus driver is not driving safely, is distracted or is negligent behind the wheel.

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