Three common causes of truck accidents during the winter season

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During the holidays, motorists in Massachusetts and elsewhere see an increase of travelers on the roadways. This is not only because of residents traveling to and from family and holiday gatherings but also because of the influx of commercial trucks transporting goods across the nation. Because most residents purchase gifts online, it is likely that companies across the nation are trying to keep up with this demand. Additionally, these companies are trying to make their deadlines, getting their shipments to their destinations on time, despite the traffic and weather that might cause delays.

The trucking industry is a huge business that our nation’s economy relies on; however, if trucking companies and truck drivers do not take precautions and care this winter holiday season, this could mean serious and even fatal truck accidents. According to statistics, there are three areas where the trucking industry should pay close attention in order to reduce truck crashes.

The first is winter weather. Like motorists who experience risks and dangers when they travel too fast for the weather conditions, large trucks such as tractor-trailers and semi-trucks experience the same thing. In fact, a large amount of track accidents are linked to bad weather and could have been avoided if a truck driver were better informed of the road conditions and adjusting their driving while behind the wheel.

Another source of truck accidents is driver fatigue. Truck drivers should take measures to stay alert by taking breaks when necessary. Additionally, trucking companies should ensure drivers are complying with federal trucking regulations and the hours of service rules and regulations. This could help confirm that a driver is not overworked or too tired to drive.

The last area of concern is when a truck travels too closely to another vehicle or tailgates them. This can be a very scary experience for drivers of smaller vehicles, causing them to have increased anxiety. This could even cause the driver ahead to drive unsafely, hit their breaks or even go off the road.

Understanding what causes truck accidents could help those involved in a truck crash this winter. Victims of a truck accident should understand that there are options available to hold a negligent truck driver liable, helping the injured party to collect compensation for losses and damages suffered.

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