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October 2014 Archives

What can I do when my workers compensation is denied?

It is the employer's insurance company that makes the decision on whether to approve or deny a worker's compensation claim. As such, not every person who applies for workers compensation will be approved. Although there are valid denials of benefits, sometimes the system gets it wrong.

Nursing home neglect and the statute of limitations

You find out that your disabled relative's health problems were due to nursing home neglect that occurred two years earlier. You finally get around to suing the driver of the fender bender from three years ago. You buy a new house and love it like your firstborn. Then two years later you see a small crack in the foundation but pay it no mind. Two years after that the small crack has grown and will now take thousands of dollars to fix. What all these situations have in common is the statute of limitations.

Troopers behind the wheel pose danger to citizens

Police actions are increasingly becoming the focus of citizens and the media. With the advent of cell phone cameras, police actions are increasingly under scrutiny. In the wake of videos featuring police brutality, the shooting of unarmed citizens, and other unfortunate actions, many are calling for increased police accountability. What has often been left out of the discussion of police behavior are the actions of police while behind the steering wheels of their cars and the toll it has on the general public.

One case can save a nursing home resident's life

Making the decision to place a loved one into a nursing facility can be one of the hardest actions a person has to make. Many families would prefer to keep their loved one in their own home, but are unable to properly care for the individual, and must rely on a nursing home. Nursing homes' main purpose is the proper care of their residents, and there are laws governing the rights of nursing home residents as well as the level of care nursing homes must provide. Unfortunately, not every nursing home will care for a person's loved one to the extent required by law.

Who to sue for a hit and run

Auto insurance can be one of the most frustrating bills to pay for good drivers. Depending on how long someone keeps their car and the level of insurance purchased, it is very possible to pay more than the value of the car in insurance payments only to never have to file a claim. But, even great drivers have accidents and in cases involving a hit and run one insurance policy may have to fill the role of the liable driver.

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