Who to sue for a hit and run

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Auto insurance can be one of the most frustrating bills to pay for good drivers. Depending on how long someone keeps their car and the level of insurance purchased, it is very possible to pay more than the value of the car in insurance payments only to never have to file a claim. But, even great drivers have accidents and in cases involving a hit and run one insurance policy may have to fill the role of the liable driver.

On average, almost a 100 people lose their lives in hit and run accidents every month. Hit and run accidents hold a unique place in the law as they have both criminal and civil components. Hit and run accidents don’t have to involve major injuries or the loss of life for them to affect the victim. When a hit and run accident occurs a commonly asked question is, “Who is responsible for the damages?” If the driver is eventually found they can be held liable both criminally and civilly. The damages for a hit and run case include punitive damages. In cases where the driver is not found, however, it will likely be the victim’s insurance company that fills the void.

Just because someone has paid their premium every month as required by their insurance policy doesn’t mean the company will be as forthcoming when it is their turn to make a payout. Working out a settlement that properly covers all the injuries someone incurred can be a frustrating task that may require taking the company to arbitration, or even court, depending on the policy language.

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