One case can save a nursing home resident’s life

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2014 | Nursing Home Neglect

Making the decision to place a loved one into a nursing facility can be one of the hardest actions a person has to make. Many families would prefer to keep their loved one in their own home, but are unable to properly care for the individual, and must rely on a nursing home. Nursing homes’ main purpose is the proper care of their residents, and there are laws governing the rights of nursing home residents as well as the level of care nursing homes must provide. Unfortunately, not every nursing home will care for a person’s loved one to the extent required by law.

Elder abuse is one of the most wide spread crimes in Massachusetts and the United States. It affects people from all walks of life, and is perpetrated by strangers and relatives alike. Nursing home abuse is one of the more saddening forms of elder abuse due to the fact that a nursing home’s primary function is to care for its residents. The level of trust people place in nursing homes, and the inability of many victims to report the abuse or defend themselves, means that often times the abuse will go unnoticed until it reaches a tipping point that can end with the death of the elder.

Determining whether or not abuse has actually occurred is an important first step in such cases. Our firm works to not only get compensation for our client, but to also make sure the abuse doesn’t happen again. Alleged nursing home abuse cases are brought before a medical tribunal. The tribunal then determines whether or not the nursing home breached the accepted standard of care. If a breach of the standard of care is found, then the injured party can then recover damages for any injury.

Once a breach is established, our firm strives to not only maximize our client’s compensation but also change the atmosphere of the nursing home so that the abuse no longer occurs. Our firm is dedicated to making nursing home facilities safer for all residents, a fact we keep in mind as we pursue our cases against nursing homes. For more information, please see our website.


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