A braking system that prevents secondary collisions

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Everyone hopes that they never get into a car accident while driving in Massachusetts, but if one occurs, it might help to have vehicle safety features like airbags or an energy-absorbing bumper. Some car manufacturers also offer a new safety feature called a post-collision braking system, which might mitigate the impact of some accidents.

What is a post-collision braking system?

A post-collision braking system is a vehicle brake that is only triggered after an impact. If your car gets hit, the post-collision brake would stop your car from being pushed by the impact. This type of brake could potentially prevent your vehicle from being hurled into traffic after an accident.

Secondary collisions

Motor vehicle accidents often don’t end right after the initial impact. In some cases, vehicles end up careening into buildings, other cars or pedestrians. Secondary collisions can sometimes be more deadly than initial collisions because they may involve fast-moving oncoming traffic.

How post-collision braking systems work

A car that is outfitted with a post-collision braking system would stop as soon as other accident mitigation systems, such as airbags, are triggered. Once the post-collision brake is engaged, the car’s hazard lights start flashing to alert other people on the road that there was an accident. The driver still has full control over the regular brake and the accelerator in case it’s necessary to drive to the side of the road.

Post-collision braking isn’t perfect

There are limitations to post-collision braking, and the system doesn’t work perfectly in every accident. For example, if the initial impact is severe, the post-collision braking system might not work because it is damaged. Icy or wet roads could also prevent post-collision braking from working as it’s supposed to. When a driver is extremely negligent, they may override the post-collision braking system by stepping on the accelerator.

As technology continues to advance, there are more ways to help prevent car accidents. Drivers still must be diligent and look out for the safety of everyone on the road.


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