Be aware of the dangers of driving near large trucks

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As the winter holiday season approaches, Worcester residents may see more large trucks and delivery vehicles traveling down highways and through neighborhoods. These vehicles and the men and women who drive them provide an invaluable service to many and support commerce throughout the nation. However, often due to the schedules and expectations that they carry, truck drivers can make dangerous mistakes when operating their large vehicles.

This post examines some of the dangers that exist when large trucks and delivery vehicles are near and discusses how drivers may help prevent collisions with them. This post does not provide any legal advice, and all readers with possible truck accident claims are encouraged to contact their trusted personal injury attorneys.

The dangers of trucks on Massachusetts roads

Trucks like big rigs and even delivery vehicles pose dangers that other smaller personal vehicles do not. For example, large commercial trucks tend to be heavier than standard vehicles and may require longer stopping times to break. A distracted or tired truck driver may cause a serious accident if they fail to see obstructions in front of them and fail to break with sufficient time and distance to avoid them.

Some truck types require their drivers to have special licenses that certify that they are trained and capable of safely driving such rigs. Unfortunately, some companies may put inexperienced or unlicensed drivers on the road to meet their delivery or work quotas. When unsafe drivers are in control of large trucks, devastating accidents can result.

Preventative steps drivers can take to avoid collisions

Though truck drivers carry a duty to act reasonably and be safe when operating their vehicles, other drivers can also undertake preventative measures to avoid collisions with them. Drivers can give trucks space and use their signals to effectively communicate the maneuvers they plan to make. Drivers can also stay out of trucks’ blind spots to avoid collisions that result when truck drivers cannot visually identify possible obstructions.

Truck accidents can be damaging and even fatal. As Massachusetts residents see more trucks on the roads, they can do their part to prevent crashes. Those who do suffer injuries and losses in accidents with trucks can seek legal help from knowledgeable accident and personal injury lawyers.



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