Pedestrian injured in accident outside his home

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Pedestrian accidents in Worcester and throughout Massachusetts might be pigeonholed as people crossing the street. However, a pedestrian can be injured by a vehicle when it jumps the sidewalk and strikes the person in their own yard. Regardless of when a car accident with a pedestrian happens, the aftereffects are universal with injuries and possible fatalities. Those who have been injured or lost a loved one should know the steps to take to file a lawsuit for compensation.

A man was injured and hospitalized after he was hit by a car outside his home. The man, 63, was near his mailbox and was believed to have been shoveling in front of his house. According to law enforcement, the vehicle hit him at a curve in the road.

He was said to have suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized and reported to be in stable condition. The driver has not yet been charged, as he did not initially appear to be impaired, but the investigation is ongoing.

Because pedestrians are afforded no protection when they are hit by a motor vehicle, the injuries they suffer can be catastrophic. Even if they are not fatal, there will inevitably be medical expenses, lost time at work and the accompanying lost wages, the inability to function normally, and other issues. Insurance companies will try to settle a case to preclude a costly legal filing, but victims will quickly learn that the amount offered is a mere fraction of what they needed. This is when it is vital to have a legal professional to provide guidance as to the next steps.

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