Massachusetts worker killed in construction accident

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It is clear to workers in Massachusetts that there are some industries that are more dangerous than others. One of these dangerous industries is construction, and everyday construction workers across the nation put their lives at risk to carry out their daily work tasks. Whether it is building a home, working on a multi-story building or engaging in a road construction project, steps should be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of construction workers.

A recent fatal work accident occurred in Duxbury. According to authorities, the incident occurred when a work crew was laying down a water main. One of the workers was cutting a pipe when he suddenly lost control of the power saw being used.

The 28-year-old worker suffered fatal injuries after the saw jammed on him, kicked back and cut him on the throat. The worker fell down in a trench where fellow workers came to his aid until emergency crews responded. He was transported to the hospital but he did not survive his injuries.

This construction accident is currently being investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other federal and local agencies. If safety violations were the cause of the accident, actions could be taken against the man’s employer.

Following a fatal work accident, it is important to note that the surviving family members have recourse available. If this incident is deemed a wrongful death, loved ones could seek workers’ compensation benefits. This could help offset the damages and losses caused by this fatal accident.

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