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July 2016 Archives

Young man killed in collision with truck in Massachusetts

During the early morning commute, the roadways in Massachusetts could be clear or busy depending on what roadway a motorist is traveling on and how early it is. One thing that is frequently true, whether a motorist is traveling during the early hours, middle or the day or during the night, he or she usually shares the road with large trucks. While semi-trucks and tractor-trailers are a common presence on the roadways, these large vehicles do present some dangers.

Can Technology Improve The Accuracy Of Breast Cancer Diagnosis?

Breast cancer is difficult enough to treat that people need every advantage they can get to help ensure that they are able to beat it. An accurate diagnosis is the first step necessary in a successful treatment. Unfortunately, there is a significant rate of misdiagnosis of breast cancer.

What are the signs and symptoms of malnutrition?

Most people in Massachusetts and elsewhere all have aging loved ones. While we would all like to see elderly family members and friends age gracefully without any major health issues, this is not always the case. Although some people can manage to care for an elderly loved one in their own home, this isn't possible for everyone. Because of that, nursing homes and assisted living facilities were established. While these can be very welcoming and stable environments for aging loved ones, one should always be weary of nursing home neglect.

Benefits offered through workers' compensation claims

When you are injured or become ill due to your workplace environment, many questions may run through your head. How will I pay for medical bills? When can I return to work? Will my family be okay while I recover? Even if you plan on seeking workers' compensation benefits, it might not be clear what is covered and what is not. Additionally, a seriously injured or ill worker might require more resources than just workers' compensation.

Helping you secure workers' compensation after a work accident

While certain industries are more prone to workplace accidents, all workers are potentially at risk of a workplace injury or illness. Because of that, specific training and specialized safety equipment is provided for employees. Event though these serve to increase safety and prevent injuries, if an employer is not up-to-date on workplace safety procedures, or employees fail to follow safety protocol, this could be cause or reason for a serious work accident or injury.

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