What benefits are available in a workers’ compensation claim?

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Everyday, people in Massachusetts go to work with the intention of making a living to support themselves or their family. Not many consider that this could be hindered by a work-related injury or a workplace accident. However, whether an employee is in an industry that is inherently dangerous or not, workplace injuries and illnesses are a real possibility. However, when a worker is injured or suffers a workplace illness, there are options available to them, such as filing for workers’ compensation.

What benefits are available in a workers’ compensation claim? When a workplace injury or illness makes it difficult to work or causes a worker to suffer a temporary or permanent disability, he or she could recover benefits. There are several types of benefits offered by workers’ compensation. However, the most common types include medical care, rehabilitation, cash benefits and supplemental benefits.

The inability to work does not only make it difficult to pay for basic needs, but if an injury or illness requires ongoing medical treatment, it can make it challenging to cover these costs. Therefore, medical care is a frequently sought after workers’ compensation benefit. This covers expenses associated with the worker’s diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and medical needs. This benefit is different from rehabilitation benefits, which focus on the expenses used to aid in the recovery of the worker.

Following a workplace injury or illness, it is important that an employee tells their employer about their condition and file a workers’ compensation claim. In some instances, a worker is required to report the incident within 30 days or less. Therefore, it is imperative to report it as soon as it occurs.

Eligibility for workers’ compensation is based on the information and evidence provided. Therefore, it is essential to understand the process and everything required to recover the benefits available. If you are finding it difficult to navigate an initial action or an appeal, it is important to gain the necessary information and assistance. This will ensure your rights are protected in the matter and, perhaps, increase your chances of success.

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