Smartphones contributing to fatal accidents across the nation

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Many people in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the nation have a smartphone, placing a multitude of technical applications in the hand of a user and providing the means to stay constantly connected to others via social media. While smartphones have many benefits in everyday life, this piece of technology has very few benefits for motorists when they are behind the wheel. In fact, using a cellphone while driving is a growing concern when it comes to fatal car accidents occurring across the nation.

According to recent statistics, the rate of fatal crashes in 2015 rose 14 percent from 2014 – and that was only considering data collected in the first six months of 2015. Based on the data released by the National Safety Council, the rise in deaths and injuries occurring on American roadways, parking lots and highways could be related to smartphone usage. It is estimated that smartphones and cellphones are involved in 27 percent of all car accidents.

While states across the nation are fully aware of the danger texting while driving presents, resulting in states like Massachusetts banning texting and driving, the number of reported accidents caused by texting and driving has not gone down. This is despite the number of motorists using phones in states banning them going down.

Other factors could play a role in the increase in fatal accidents, although cellphone use, drunk driving and driving without a seatbelt are the three major contributors. Due to the reduced gas prices, there has been an increase in traffic, resulting in more drivers on the road.

Distracted driving remains a major concern on roadways across the nation, and it is a major factor in serious and fatal crashes. If an investigation reveals that distracted driving was the cause of an accident, it is possible to hold that driver responsible for the losses and damages caused by a fatal crash that took the life of a loved one. A wrongful death lawsuit could help family members recover compensation for losses and expenses.

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