Accident reconstruction required after collision injuring four

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When residents in Massachusetts are involved in an automobile collision, they usually seek to better understand the cause of the crash. In some instances, the cause and fault of the accident are obvious and are often confirmed later by authorities. However, with some accidents, it is difficult to ascertain how it occurred and who was at fault. In these situations, accident reconstruction can be vital, helping law enforcement and investigators assign liability to the appropriate party.

Investigation efforts and accident reconstruction are still ongoing following a recent two-car collision near Worcester. According to the preliminary reports, the two vehicles collided on Route 20 at around 5 p.m. near 845 Hartford Turnpike. The impact of the collision caused one of the vehicles, a sports utility vehicle, to roll over onto its roof.

When emergency crews arrived to the scene of the crash, one occupant was found trapped inside on of the vehicle. Firefighters had to extricate the individual using specialized equipment. Four accident victims were transported to the hospital for medical treatment, but the extent of their injuries was not immediately reported. It is not clear how many occupants were in each vehicle, but the area was closed for several hours for investigation and clean up.

The authorities have made no speculations regarding the cause and possible liability for the crash. Once the investigation is complete, law enforcement officials should be able to discern the cause and fault in the accident. Additionally, those harmed could take steps to hold the liable party responsible for the injuries suffered in the crash. A personal injury claim could help a victim recover compensation for the injuries, losses and damages caused by the incident.

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