Icy interstate in Worcester causes chain-reaction crash

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2013 | Car Accidents

Icy road conditions after the Thanksgiving holiday led to a multi-vehicle accident in Worcester. Freezing rain caused heartaches and injuries for many drivers trying to get a jump on the holiday traffic.

A section of Interstate 290 in Worcester was covered in sheer ice, according to State Police. That ice proved to be very hazardous as roughly 65 vehicles were involved in a chain-reaction car accident that left two people with serious injuries and sent around 35 others to the hospital. 

State Police said the accident happened early in the morning as many travelers were trying to beat the holiday traffic after Thanksgiving. After the first accidents happened on the slippery part of the interstate, the vehicles approaching the crash site could not slow down or avoid hitting other vehicles. 

Several drivers involved in the crash said they saw the accident but there was no way to stop due to the ice so their vehicles just slid down the interstate into the other vehicles. 

The ice on the road caused a massive pileup and included three tractor-trailers. Police said a majority of the vehicles involved in the accident were totaled. After the chain-reaction crash, many vehicles had parts scattered on the highway, and police had to close traffic for almost five hours to help motorists get off the highway and to remove all the damaged vehicles.

This case is an example of the hazards drivers face during the winter in Massachusetts. Drivers involved in multi-vehicle collisions may have questions about car insurance claims. It can be difficult to understand your insurance claim when there are several other drivers involved, especially after suffering serious injuries or if your vehicle has been totaled. Drivers involved in chain-reaction crashes should contact a personal injury attorney to help navigate their insurance claim and any potential legal issues that may arise.

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