Truck rollover crash in Foxborough injures two

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Massachusetts roads and highways are filled with large trucks that can cause serious injuries if they are involved in an accident. This is especially true on major highways that run through the state such as I-95.

This was illustrated recently in a crash in Foxboro involving a box truck and a passenger vehicle. The accident was apparently the result of a rear end collision. The impact caused the truck to rollover onto its side and over a guard rail.

According to the Foxboro Fire Department, the truck was carrying car parts. Drivers of both vehicles were taken to the hospital with injuries.

Reason for the accident remains unknown

It is unclear what caused one vehicle to smash into the other, but many factors could have been involved. Distracted driving, drowsy driving or speeding can all cause a vehicle to rear end another.

These are all forms of negligent driving that we see far too often on the roads. These behaviors can increase over the busy holiday season, as can aggressive or drunk driving.

Negligent drivers that cause serious accidents should be held accountable for their decisions. Accidents with large trucks usually cause major injuries that take a long time to heal.

Car accidents cause more than just physical injuries. Many victims experience mental distress or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Next steps after a car accident

After a car accident such as the one above, you are likely to be in shock and not know what to do next. Treating your injuries should be your priority.

Document everything you can from the accident scene and get the contact information of everyone involved. Obtain their driver’s license and insurance information. Call the police, make a report and keep a copy of the report.

The costs from a car accident can end up being much more than you imagined, between medical costs and time off work. By proving the other driver was negligent, you could receive compensation.



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