Reduce your risk of a car accident this winter

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.Massachusetts winters can be harsh. Although this means you are likely familiar with driving in snowy and icy conditions, if you are like many people, you do not enjoy it.

Driving in the winter can be stressful. The snow and ice on the roads mean that everyone is at a higher risk for a car accident that causes serious injuries.

Check the weather forecast

These tips can help you stay safe on the Massachusetts roads this winter. First, do not drive unless you must. Pay attention to the weather forecast and follow directions. If the weather service advises residents to stay off the roads, you should do so.

Consider postponing or cancelling your plans or if you must leave your home, use public transportation if possible.

Your vehicle should be ready for winter

Prepare your vehicle for the winter. Have a thorough maintenance check performed before winter and make sure parts such as your tires, battery and windshield wipers are in good working condition. Have snow tires put on if possible.

Stock your vehicle with items you may need if you get stranded in a winter storm. Examples include blankets, food, water, snow shovels, chains and an ice scraper.

Give yourself time and drive slowly

Always give yourself extra time when getting to your destination. Assume that it will take longer to get places in the winter.

Drive under the speed limit when it is snowing or roads are icy. Sometimes driving at the speed limit in a snowstorm is considered negligent driving. You are more likely to swerve or slide at higher speeds, particularly when braking.

Avoid other vehicles

Keep a safe distance between other vehicles. You might encounter a reckless driver who keeps driving around you. Avoid them by slowing down and letting them pass.

Following these tips will help you stay safe on the Massachusetts road this winter but remember that you have no control over other drivers. You may be the victim of an accident caused by a negligent driver. A personal injury claim can result in compensation for your losses.


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