Addressing injuries caused by defective products

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Consumers regularly buy items in stores or online without thinking that the product could hurt them. Unfortunately, defective products can cause injuries, both minor and severe.

Common injuries

There are several ways a consumer can be injured by a defective product. If the product has a design flaw, it can cause a danger to the consumer. If a product’s design is safe but an error happens during manufacturing, individual products can be defective because of the manufacturing defect.

Also, products should have clear warnings and instructions. Without them, a consumer can have an accident or suffer an injury. For example, if the product does not state that it contains a food allergen, it could cause a consumer to have a harmful reaction. Products can also cause injuries if they are contaminated with toxic substances.

If a product is otherwise safe, but it malfunctions, it could hurt a consumer. These are only some examples of harm.


Product liability laws allow the consumer to pursue damages for injuries caused by defective products. Damages may include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. This may be especially important where the consumer has a long-term disability or impairment caused by the defective product.

The victim may also suffer from emotional distress, like anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder caused by their injuries and can pursue compensation to address it.

If the consumer’s property was damaged, the consumer may be able to receive compensation to repair or replace it. A consumer’s family member may also have a right to damages where the victim’s injuries caused loss of consortium, which means a loss of support, services and companionship.



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