Filing for lost wages after a crash

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A car accident in Massachusetts may result in severe injuries forcing you to take off weeks, or even months, from your job. Employers may attempt to fire or let you go after using up all your vacation and sick days reducing your income and increasing your stress levels. To combat the decline in your income revenue, file a claim for lost wages to cover the time you are forced not to work.

How to prepare your lost wages claim

Motor vehicle accidents can wreak havoc on your physical and financial health. Filing a claim for lost wages can help you to retain your quality of life. The first step should be to request the information from your insurance company. You will need to be sure that your policy provides the kind of coverage you require.

For accidents where you were not at fault, compensation should be made available to you to cover the financial cost of the accident, including lost wages and medical bills. Contact the at-fault driver’s insurance company to file a claim for lost wages, medical bills, prescription coverage and damages.

You may have to file a suit

It is your right to file a claim for lost wages after a car accident. If neither of the options mentioned above results in action that is fair compensation, you may have to take a more direct step. Filing a personal injury lawsuit or a lawsuit for lost wages can assist you in gaining the financial security you need while recuperating.

The most effective way to strengthen your claim is to fill out and submit an employment authorization form. Be sure you complete the necessary form to authorize your employer to disclose details about your employment to the insurance company.

It is important to undergo an independent medical examination and obtain all relevant medical documents to support your injury claim. These documents can provide evidence of your injuries and help determine the amount you are owed and the approximate time you will miss work.


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