Looking for distracted drivers

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Distracted drivers might not mean to cause an accident, but they’ve been responsible for untold numbers of collisions on Massachusetts roads. A daydreaming driver may not be easy to spot, but those who engage in other common distracting behaviors could give signs behind the wheel. Defensive motorists should stay alert to those potentially distracted drivers and respond appropriately.

Distracting driver signs

A driver might become distracted in several ways, including visual, manual and cognitive. No matter how they lose their concentration, they could cause an accident because they do not react timely upon snapping out of their distraction. So, would-be victims often must remain mindful of these dangerous drivers when commuting.

If a driver has a cup of coffee in their hand or eats a candy bar, that might be a sign their mind is elsewhere. Even when they look at the road, holding food or drink in their hand impedes them from using the hand for other purposes necessary for safely operating the vehicle.

The hands might be on the wheel, but the eyes could look elsewhere. Perhaps the driver is more interested in what appears on an infotainment touchscreen. The driver could turn their head and talk to a passenger, which may also lead to distractions.

Distracted driving dangers

Motor vehicle accidents might happen when a driver texts behind the wheel. Seeing a driver with a smartphone in hand reflects a red flag. How the driver operates the vehicle might indicate distractions, including braking or speeding up and slowly down illogically.

Distracted driving could indicate negligence, and someone who purposefully engages in it may be liable for any resulting accidents. Victims may file lawsuits to recover compensation and, in some situations, seek punitive damages.


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