What are the most common construction site injuries?

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Construction is one of the most demanding jobs in Massachusetts and elsewhere. As a result, even with safety measures in place, it’s no surprise that accidents and injuries occur. These are the most common construction site injuries.

Fall injuries

Construction workers sometimes work from heights, putting them at risk of falling. This can happen if they’re using machinery, ladders or standing on scaffolding. Falls also occur while working in ditches. If there’s no safety net set up ahead of time, this could lead to catastrophic injuries.

Crushing injuries

One of the worst types of construction site accidents is a trench collapse. When a worker is working in a trench, and the ground gives way, they can be buried alive by mounds of dirt. This is an excruciating situation that can result in suffocation or a shattered body. In either scenario, this may be a fatal accident, leaving behind devastated family members.

Repetitive motion injuries

Repetitive motion injuries are common among construction workers. These injuries develop because workers continuously use the same tools and equipment, performing the same motions. This leads to the ligaments, tissue and muscles overworking. Over time, construction workers can experience pain and limited mobility, which leads to Massachusetts workers’ compensation claims and mandatory time missed from work.

Electrical injuries

Construction workers can suffer electrical burns or even electrocution while working with heavy machinery, power tools and electrical wiring. This occurs when employers don’t properly train workers or the workers are unaware that wires are exposed.


When construction workers use electrical equipment and other machinery that malfunctions, they can suffer amputation. Workers can also lose a finger or hand if they’re distracted or lack adequate training to use this equipment properly.

Construction injuries are often serious, and sometimes, they can be disabling or even deadly. If you are injured on the job and don’t receive adequate compensation for your pain and suffering, consider filing a civil lawsuit to be heard by a judge and jury.


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