Injuries from bus accidents

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Scores of people take public transportation to go to work, shopping centers, and other destinations. Bus lines in Massachusetts could take a commuter to many locations throughout the state, often safely. Accidents may happen, though. Some bus accidents might lead someone to suffer minor injuries, while other collisions could result in serious harm.

Bus accidents and injuries

Injuries inflicted after a collision vary. If a bus driver slams on the brakes, a passenger might suffer whiplash. So might the driver. Whiplash could range in severity, and an examination by a doctor might reveal far worse problems than the victim believes.

Traumatic brain and spinal injuries could cause far worse problems and may require extensive medical care. Some injuries to the skull or back could lead to permanent disabilities and the inability to work.

Bus accidents could take many forms, so the resulting injuries may be unpredictable. A multi-vehicle pileup involving a bus may result in little more than minor tissue injuries thanks to the bus’s ability to protect passengers with its frame. However, even a minor collision may result in a passenger falling and breaking a leg in the bus’s aisle.

Bus accidents and fault

A bus accident that leaves passengers or drivers with injuries would likely result in an investigation by the bus company. Accident victims would likely want to find out if anyone’s negligence caused the collision. Many of the same causes for car crashes lead to bus accidents, including moving violations, drunk driving and distracted driving.

Lawsuits directed at negligent parties may provide a way for injury victims to recover their losses. Medical bills and lost wages could cause financial troubles, and a lawsuit or insurance settlement might deliver a way to address the situation.


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