Varying rates of traffic accidents by racial groups

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One of the most tragic parts of America is the difficulty experienced by many racial minorities. Indeed, these challenges exist across a variety of areas, including in terms of traffic accidents. Available research shows that many racial minorities are more likely to be involved in a traffic accident, and die in a traffic accident. This seems to be the case across the entire country, including in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Traffic accidents by racial group

Unfortunately, decades of research have shown that racial minorities are more likely to be involved – and die – in traffic accidents. A slew of potential theories has bubbled up to explain why this is the case, including an examination of varying levels of medical care, pre-existing health conditions, and car safety equipment.

A rise in cases

These already existing inequities only became worse in 2020. According to a new study, deaths among African-Americans involved in an MVA increased 23% in 2020 than compared to 2019. Car accidents and traffic deaths increased across the board in 2020, but these increases were most pronounced among African-Americans.

Unfortunately, in many cases, surviving parties – or the family of the deceased – are left in need of long-term medical care or financial support. These individuals may need to explore their legal options in order to support themselves in the future.

If you are involved in a car accident or have had a family member who survived such an accident, you may be entitled to financial remuneration. Keep this in mind as you consider your options going forward.


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