City worker hit by bus and killed in on-the-job auto accident

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People in Worcester and throughout Massachusetts can face risk whether they are at work or enjoying leisure activities. Auto accidents can happen without warning no matter where they are. Work accidents are especially worrisome because people are prone to believing they are safe even if the job they do carries with it certain inherent dangers such as being around large vehicles and heavy equipment. When there is a fatal accident on the job, the family left behind must consider the future and think about what steps they may need to take to recover compensation.

MBTA worker killed when hit by bus

A Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority worker was killed when he was hit by a bus at the bus yard. The accident occurred in the early morning hours at approximately 5 a.m. The man, 62, had been an employee for 18 years. The general manager for MBTA said that the worker was hit as he reported to his bus for the day. He was rushed to the hospital, but died there. The investigation as to how the accident occurred and if there are changes to safety procedures required to avoid these incidents are underway.

The aftermath of a fatal accident can cause many challenges

The personal impact of losing a loved one unexpectedly is difficult enough as families will face emotional challenges in getting past the sudden death. Financially, there can be other problems such as lost income. Personally, a family will need to address the loss of companionship and guidance the person provided. Even though employers and insurance companies will undoubtedly be sympathetic and caring after such an accident, they are still concerned about keeping costs reasonable and could offer a settlement that is insufficient. It is wise to be protected.

Legal help may be key in filing a wrongful death claim

Any accident requires an in-depth investigation, but when it is work-related, it is imperative to have legal assistance from a firm that has experience in work accidents, auto accidents and wrongful death claims. Accruing evidence, assessing the way in which compensation is handled after a work accident – especially a fatal work accident – and determining how to proceed are all critical factors to consider. Consulting with a qualified legal professional is essential and should be done as soon as possible.



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