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February 2020 Archives

Distraction-related car accidents remain a major concern

In the time it takes to locate a contact and make an outbound call, or read a text message, a motor vehicle can travel several hundred feet in virtually any direction. As car accidents involving distracted drivers run a greater risk of having cataclysmic results, finding ways to keep similar acts of negligence from placing lives in danger is imperative. Although a new hands-free driving law in Massachusetts may seek to cut down on distraction-related incidents, preventing all incidents could prove a challenging feat.

Car accidents: 6 injured in crash involving speeding driver

Those who operate a motor vehicle at high rates of speed may find it more difficult to handle a variety of driving scenarios. Such behavior inherently increases the risk that dangerous car accidents may occur, and incidents involving a speeding driver can have devastating outcomes. A recent collision involving three vehicles in Massachusetts has reportedly left up to six people hospitalized with injuries.

Did you wake up in pain after a car accident?

Car accident victims often leave the scene grateful that they don't feel injured, only to wake up the next day in tremendous pain. In many instances, this pain is so intense that the victim cannot perform their job, and they may struggle to do crucial tasks like dressing, bathing and feeding themselves. If you recently had this experience, you may have suffered soft-tissue damage, commonly called whiplash.

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