Looking out for motorcycle riders this motorcycle season

On Behalf of | May 12, 2019 | Personal Injury

Massachusetts motorcycle accidents can result in catastrophic injuries for victims that can have a negative effect on both victims and their families. This blog recently discussed how serious brain injuries can be for car accident victims and their families, which is a type of injury that can also be suffered in a motorcycle accident. May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. As such, this is a good time to look at the ways motorcyclists are protected.

Drivers sharing the roadways with motorcycles can help to make sure they are safe by not engaging in distracted or impaired driving and making sure to be on the lookout for motorcycle riders, which are smaller visual targets than other passenger vehicles. Drivers should always make sure to check their blind spots for motorcycle riders before changing lanes and to double check for motorcyclists before making a turn because motorcycles can be more difficult to spot and many accidents are caused by a car negligently turning in front of a motorcycle, violating the motorcycle’s right of way.

Drivers should also keep in mind to be on extra lookout for motorcyclists on weekends. Additionally, drivers should remember to allow motorcycle riders extra space to maneuver, especially in circumstances of uneven roadways and to never attempt to share a lane with a motorcycle. Drivers should generally take care for the safety of motorcycle riders on the roadways.

When a driver has negligently harmed a motorcycle rider in a motorcycle accident, personal injury legal resources may be available to protect the victim and help them and their family with the damages they have suffered. A personal injury claim for damages can help motorcycle accident victims with their physical, financial and emotional damages including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. Motorcycle accidents can result in devastating an debilitating injuries, which is why motorcycle accident victims must be aware of the legal remedies available to them.


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