4 categories of common semitruck crash causes

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Crashes that involve semitrucks can produce very serious injuries or even fatalities. While it is possible that some of these wrecks aren’t preventable, there are others that could have been if the trucker and everyone who works on the rig accepted safety as the top priority.

Understanding some of the more common causes of 18-wheeler crashes can help truckers to prevent them from happening. This knowledge can also help victims of these wrecks to make a plan for seeking compensation for the damages they suffered in the accident.

  • Loading and securement: The cargo that the trucker is carrying must be loaded and secured properly. When these aren’t done as they should be, the cargo can shift or even come loose from the rig, which can lead to crashes.
  • Maintenance and components: All systems on the semitruck and trailer must be maintained. When there are defective components or improper maintenance, the truck and trailer might not function as they should.
  • Trucker errors: Truckers should only start the rig when they are fully ready to drive, meaning they aren’t fatigued, distracted or impaired. They must follow all traffic laws and be able to make snap decisions based on what is going on around them.
  • Trucking company policies: Trucking companies often have short delivery time promises to clients. This, along with other policies of the company, might take the power away from the truckers to make decisions that improve safety. For example, they might not be able to rest when they feel fatigued because of the demands of the trucking company.

When an accident occurs

When an accident with a big rig does occur, the victims should ensure that they get immediate medical care. Some injuries, such as brain injuries, might not have symptoms that show up right away. Having a medical evaluation can help to address any possible issues. You also need to alert the authorities so that an accident report can be made.

Some victims of semitruck crashes might choose to seek compensation for the financial damages they are dealing with. This is a time-sensitive decision, so be sure that you don’t wait too long if you are going to take this step. As part of your case, you will need to show why the defendants you name should be held liable for the effects of the crash. Knowing the cause of the wreck can help to make this possible.


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