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November 2017 Archives

Proposed law banning texting and driving has support of Governor

It is widely acknowledged that texting and driving and other distracted driving behaviors are a known danger in Massachusetts and throughout the nation. States are trying to determine how best to address this issue with legislation, education and enforcement. As with most legal matters, however, it is not a simple case of a new law being automatically put into effect. Recently, Massachusetts has taken steps to push a law that would stop drivers from having their cellphones in their hands while driving. This is now being supported by Gov. Charlie Baker.

What is temporary total incapacity workers' compensation?

When Massachusetts workers are injured on the job, they should know that they can seek workers' compensation benefits. However, there might be some confusion as to the benefits they are eligible to receive and how the amount is calculated. There are several levels of benefits, including temporary total incapacity benefits, partial incapacity benefits, and permanent and total incapacity benefits. This post will center on temporary total incapacity benefits under workers' compensation claims.

Legal assistance for compensation after nursing home abuse

For Massachusetts residents who make the difficult decision to put an elderly loved one in a nursing home, the end goal is that the person will be cared for and treated well. This is for the benefit of the elderly person and the family that might not have the capacity to care for someone who needs professional assistance and medical care. It is an unfortunate reality that some nursing homes do not provide the proper type of care to these older people. When there is a belief that a person was abused, became ill or died due to nursing home abuse, a lawsuit can help to receive compensation for that mistreatment.

Work accident victim suffers leg injury after trench collapses

Construction and maintenance are a constant in Massachusetts or any municipality. This is vital for the safety of the public and functionality of basic services. However, it is important to remember that whenever there is a project underway, there is the danger of a work accident. This is when it is important to remember how workers' compensation benefits are essential to help a work accident victim cover lost wages and pay for medical expenses. When there is a problem with the workers' compensation or any other issue, having legal help for the case is imperative.

Driver fleeing police causes crash and injures woman

One of the most dangerous times for drivers, pedestrians and others on the road in Massachusetts is if they get caught in the middle of a police chase and another driver is trying to flee law enforcement. These dangerous behaviors can lead to a car accident with injuries and fatalities. It is in incidents such as this that recklessness and the desperation to get away can spark a serious crash. Those caught in the middle can suffer various injuries like broken bones, whiplash, lacerations, head injuries and even injuries that cause fatality. When there is a car accident due to a driver escaping police, a legal professional should be contacted to consider a lawsuit.

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