Cause unknown of recent school bus accident that injured five

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We see them on the roads all the time and we often smile, remembering our own childhood — yellow school buses transporting children in Massachusetts to and from school bring back memories of our youth and the fun that we had. While we explicitly trust these school buses to transport our children, the reality is that they are big, unwieldy vehicles that require skill and agility to maneuver. And, when that skill is lacking, a bus accident can result.

The cause of a recent school bus accident in Massachusetts that ended up injuring five people is unknown. The bus was involved in a collision with an SUV. According to the police “a handful” of children were in the bus at the time the accident took place. The operator of the bus and the four occupants of the SUV were sent to the hospital after suffering from injuries that have been described as “minor.” Two of the pupils on the bus were not injured. Their parents came to pick them up.

Young children are especially vulnerable in bus accidents. Their small size, slow reaction time and lesser weight can result in them potentially suffering serious injuries. With summer upon us, parents expect their children to wrap up school safely and enjoy their summer break to the maximum. Incidents such as this can be traumatizing for not only the children who were involved in the crash but also their parents.

Whether it is a school bus accident that injured children or a public bus crash that injured bus passengers, it may be possible to seek compensation from the parties responsible for causing the crash. The compensation received through a personal injury lawsuit can go a long way in covering the unexpected medical expenses an injury may cause.

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