Dog bite attacks can leave scars, financial woes in their wake

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Most people like animals, and a substantial number of people in the state of Massachusetts own and provide for a companion animal. In many cases, that animal is a dog. The vast majority of companion animals and pets are loving, gentle beings that enhance the life of the humans who care for them.

Unfortunately, some dogs will attack and bite a human unprovoked. These attacks can be both physically and emotionally scarring for the person who was bitten. If you have suffered a dog bite attack, you should speak with an attorney experienced in personal injury and premises liability laws.

Dog owners are liable for injuries caused by their animals

Whether you were visiting a friend, neighbor or the dog was roaming loose in your neighborhood or a park, the owner is responsible for any damage it causes. The only exception to this liability is if the person who was bitten was trespassing or attacking the dog or its owner.

Those who keep dogs should keep them leashed or enclosed. Even if the dog is in its own yard or home, that does not give it the right to viciously attack a human. An attorney who understands premises liability and dog bite laws in Massachusetts can help you recover after a dog bite incident.

Dog bites can leave lasting scars, both physical and mental

Depending on the breed and the circumstances of the attack, a dog bite can require trauma care, reparative surgery, stitches, bone setting or even plastic surgery to correct the physical injuries. It can take many weeks or longer for a victim to recover. The expenses involved in medical care may be overwhelming.

Additionally, many people who are viciously attacked by a dog may experience post-traumatic stress or may develop a phobia of dogs that requires professional psychological therapy to address. As the victim of a dog bite attack, you shouldn’t be responsible for those expenses.

An attorney can help you after a dog bite attack

Your best option following a serious dog bite attack is to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help you negotiate with a homeowner’s insurance company to ensure they will be paying your medical expenses. You will also get help with filing a civil lawsuit if the dog’s owner does not have liability insurance that covers your medical bills.

An attorney who understands Massachusetts law can review the details of your dog bite attack and help determine what your options may be going forward.


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