Avoid being victimized by a drunk driver in Massachusetts

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The weather was finally turning around and the forecast called for a clear weekend, cold but sunny. Sunday would be a good day to take the bike out for a nice afternoon ride. You did your maintenance checks on Saturday and topped off the gas tank. While everyone else would be inside watching the Super Bowl, you would be cruising through the countryside.

Since the weather is unseasonably warm, you aren’t concerned with bad riding conditions. You’ve ensured your motorcycle is safe and ready to ride. Everything has been accounted for and checked off the list. But what about the danger caused by other drivers?

Super Bowl Sunday has one of the highest rates of drunk driving incidents during the year. Beer is the number one beverage served at Super Bowl parties and is typically consumed in mass quantities throughout the day. A drunk driving accident can leave you detrimentally injured.

This year take extra precautions to avoid becoming a victim of drunk driving by following the tips below.

Skip the ride

The easiest and most effective way to avoid being hit by a drunk driver is to just stay off the road. Drunk driving is most common on the holidays, around bars, and areas where public transportation is common such as the city.

Avoid main thoroughfares

Since you’re already committed to spending the afternoon riding, make an effort to avoid popular routes on your way in and out of the city. This will keep you away from the majority of traffic and in areas where the speed is lower.

It is a lot easier to avoid a drunk driver if you’re only going 25 or 30 miles per hour instead of 70 mph. Smaller, out of the way roads will also limit the amount of drivers you come into contact with and reduce the chances of one them being intoxicated.

Watch those intersections

Pay special attention at intersections. Accidents that occur at intersecting roads are more likely to end in a serious injury or death. Getting t-boned by a car that is speeding and runs a red light or stop sign can have horrible consequences.

Take your time when the light changes green or spend an extra few seconds at that stop sign to make sure the coast is clear before riding into the intersection. Remember that you are often invisible to other drivers, even sober ones.

Keep to the rear

If you see a driver that you think is intoxicated, stay behind them. Weaving, random breaking and accelerating, drivers dressed for a night out, and even loud music could be signs of a driver that is drunk.

Staying behind such drivers, and maintaining a good distance, will keep you in control. If you pass them, you put yourself at risk of being sideswiped or rear ended at the next light.

Remember that people who have been drinking are unpredictable. This is especially true when they are driving a car. Take the necessary precautions to avoid becoming involved in a wreck with a drunk driver.

If you have been the victim of an intoxicated driver, it is important to understand your rights and options. Contact a local Worcester attorney experienced with vehicle accidents for advice on handling your case.


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