Holding a negligent bus driver liable following a crash

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2016 | Bus Accidents

For some, buses are a very reliable and necessary form of transportation. Whether you are taking a bus to and from school, for tourism or your daily commute, these large vehicles have the ability to transport numerous passengers to and from several destinations. While this can be an environmentally conscious and effective way to transport a large amount of passengers on roadways in Massachusetts and elsewhere, it unfortunately is not always a safe method of transportation.

At the Law Offices of Joseph J Cariglia, P.C., our legal team understands that a bus crash could result in serious and significant injuries. Due to the large size and weight of these vehicles, it is often the case that the passengers on the bus suffer traumatic and life-altering injuries. Moreover, those riding on the bus are not the only ones who suffer in a bus accident. If a negligent bus driver is at fault and another vehicle, cyclist or even a pedestrian is struck by the bus; it is likely that these victims will suffer serious and even fatal injuries.

For those crashes involving a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority or MBTA bus, our experienced attorneys understand that the MBTA has the duty to ensure that all of its employees, which includes bus drivers, follow local and state traffic laws as well as company policies. If any of these duties are neglected, this could be the cause of a crash.

Our firm has the skills and resources necessary to uncover the information and evidence necessary to prove cause and fault. Whether that means conducting further investigation, collecting information from a bus company, gathering medical evidence, using witness accounts and even expert witnesses, we develop a strategy that meets the needs and goals of our clients

To learn more, check out our law firm’s bus accident website. When a negligent bus driver causes a crash, it is important that those harmed take steps to protect their rights and interests. A personal injury claim could help those injured hold a negligent party accountable and assist with recovering compensation.


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