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February 2016 Archives

Could an onboard video system improve bus safety?

Whether it's a public transit bus, school bus or a bus used for tours or private carriers, there are many safety concerns for bus passengers in Massachusetts and elsewhere. Although bus drivers are trained to safely operate these large vehicles and safety features are implemented to protect passengers in the event of a bus accident, steps should be taken to better understand the cause of these crashes so more improvements could be made.

Cause and treatment of repetitive motion injuries

For some employees in Massachusetts, work might seem to be monotonous because they are required to do the same activity over and over again. While this might be required for the position and in the employment description, repetitive work or repetitive actions can be very taxing on the body. In some cases, repetitive motion could be the very cause of a work injury, resulting in the worker requiring medical attention to recover from the injury.

Nurses in Massachusetts concerned about workplace violence

Some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others because the work an employee is required to do carries various risks. However, while it is apparent to both the employee and employer that the job carries more risks, this does not take the burden off the employer to provide additional training and safety in the work environment. If an employer fails to address any health and safety concerns, this could result in serious workplace injuries.

Can tire maintenance decrease automobile collisions?

When an accident occurs, most people think of the errors the driver made while driving that could have caused the accident. While many car crashes do occur because of the negligence of drivers, some negligent acts are not directly related to the driving behavior of the driver but rather the functioning of the vehicle. If a driver fails to ensure that the vehicle is in proper working order or an automobile manufacturer fails to issue a recall, an accident could occur.

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