College student hit and killed while out for a jog

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Driving in the United States is a privilege and not a right, which is what any teenage driver should realize Because driving is a privilege, the right to operate a motor vehicle on the public roadways could be suspended or even revoked in certain situations. Driving without the proper licenses and permission can reach the level of criminal behavior even without violating any other laws. Car and truck accidents involving unlicensed drivers may find themselves being resolved in civil as well as criminal court.

A 20-year-old woman died recently after being hit while out on a jog. The pedestrian accident occurred in the afternoon when a SUV driven by a 44-years-old man hit her at an intersection. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead. The 44-year-old driver had recently had his license suspended for being involved in two crashed the prior year. After his latest accident the man’s license was revoked under Massachusetts immediate threat provision. Investigators are still piecing together the accident and have yet to file a report on the incident.

Causing an injury or death while operating a motor vehicle with a suspended or revoked license can cause a driver to incur liability for the accident even if they weren’t primarily at fault. In a wrongful death or civil action for damages, juries and judges can use the fact a person was operating a motor vehicle without a license to incur liable upon them for any injuries. As long as the injured party is found not to be solely responsible for the accident and subsequent injuries, they can recover damages minus the percent they were found liable for their injuries.

Many individuals take the diving privilege for granted. Those who cause injuries while driving without a proper license could endure criminal and civil liabilities. Following a fatal crash, loved ones of the deceased have options, and should seek to better understand their situation. This might mean filing a cause of action and recovering compensation for their losses and damages.

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