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How do you determine liability for a construction site injury?

Construction projects in Massachusetts, whether they are small projects or major commercial developments or highway construction, have a lot of working parts. Construction workers often face various dangers and hazards in that work environment. It could be the outside elements, working at great heights or working near or with large equipment and tools. If proper training and safety equipment are not provided, this could result in a serious or even fatal construction site injury.

You shouldn't be afraid to report a workplace accident

Workplace accidents are a problem that most companies try to prevent as much as they can. This is especially true for many manufacturing businesses where the majority of their employees are doing their work with large, cumbersome and sometimes dangerous machinery. Although some workplace injuries or accidents are often the result of unsafe practices that go on each day, it's important for employees to report accidents to promote better safety.

Cause and treatment of repetitive motion injuries

For some employees in Massachusetts, work might seem to be monotonous because they are required to do the same activity over and over again. While this might be required for the position and in the employment description, repetitive work or repetitive actions can be very taxing on the body. In some cases, repetitive motion could be the very cause of a work injury, resulting in the worker requiring medical attention to recover from the injury.

Nurses in Massachusetts concerned about workplace violence

Some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others because the work an employee is required to do carries various risks. However, while it is apparent to both the employee and employer that the job carries more risks, this does not take the burden off the employer to provide additional training and safety in the work environment. If an employer fails to address any health and safety concerns, this could result in serious workplace injuries.

Recent trends in fatal workplace accidents

While some occupations pose serious risks to employees, others do not have many apparent risks. Nonetheless, workers in Massachusetts and elsewhere should be aware of any potential and possible dangers and risks a job could pose, because it is not always a fall or other serious incident that could result in fatal occupational injuries.

Helping injured workers receive the compensation they deserve

Going to work can mean various things to employees in Massachusetts. For some, employment aligns with their educational endeavors. For others, it coincides with their interests, hobbies or skills. No matter the reason behind the obtainment of a particular job, one thing remains true - it is an individual's livelihood. And, because of that, when employees suffer an injury or an illness in a workplace accident, they could suffer more than just an injury.

Companies offering benefit plans for injured workers

When workers in Massachusetts are injured, it is often in their best interest to return to work as soon as possible. However, when an employee suffers a serious injury or is temporarily disabled, this can be very difficult. Because of this, workers' compensation is relied upon in matters where a worker is injured on the job or suffers a work-related injury. While this benefit is important, not all workers receive these benefits due to major companies taking steps to re-write their policies for paying workers' comp.

What is considered to be "unsafe work conditions?"

Massachusetts residents work all types of jobs, which means work environments change from one occupation to the next. Some workplaces pose more risks than others. In order to rectify or reduce these health and safety issues, training and safety standards have been implemented and enforced by state and federal government entities, including the Occupational Safety and Heath Administration, or OSHA. However, when employers violate these standards, OSHA may not uncover these issues in a timely manner, causing some employees to work in unsafe conditions.

Determining if a car accident is work-related or not

Every day, employees in Massachusetts travel to and from work via their personal vehicle or company car. Additionally, some occupations require that an employee travel during work hours to conduct business. Because employees are often behind the wheel on any given workday, what happens if he or she is injured in an automobile collision? Do workers' compensation benefits cover damages caused these types of accidents?

Returning to work after a work injury

When an employee is injured on-the-job, it is often in his or her best interest to take the necessary steps to recover and eventually return to work. For some, this could mean a lengthy recovery process that requires medical treatment and rehabilitation. In matters of permanent or temporary disabilities, workers may have to take an extended leave of absence from work. In order to offset the financial hardships the recovery could cost, workers' compensation is often filed for. However, these benefits could end when the injured worker is able to work again.

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