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The 'going and coming' rule in workers' compensation cases

There are many jobs that Massachusetts residents can work in order to make a living. Some of them, of course, are more dangerous than others. For instance, someone working construction is likely putting themselves at greater risk on a daily basis than someone who works in an office on a computer all day. However, an accident can occur in any work environment, regardless of the level of danger involved. When this happens, victims have rights. They may be able to obtain workers' compensation.

What types of injuries are covered by workers' compensation?

There are many types of jobs that carry inherent dangers. In these positions, workers' compensation can be a godsend for those injured. It's important to understand, however, the range of injuries that are covered by workers' compensation and the particulars surrounding them.

Is the current workers' comp system outdated?

For most residents in Massachusetts, going to work Monday through Friday 9 to 5 is pretty typical. And while most of these jobs carry with them little to no risks, other industries require employees to endure a significant amount of risk each and every day. Because of that, it is important that there is a current workers' compensation system in place that can be relied on if an employee suffers a workplace injury.

Helping you recover workers' compensation benefits

Everyday, most residents in Massachusetts go to work. While many enjoy their place of employment, most people go to work each day for a source of income. This income is heavily relied upon, and, when it is limited or halted because of a work injury, this can become very detrimental for an employee.

Massachusetts worker killed in construction accident

It is clear to workers in Massachusetts that there are some industries that are more dangerous than others. One of these dangerous industries is construction, and everyday construction workers across the nation put their lives at risk to carry out their daily work tasks. Whether it is building a home, working on a multi-story building or engaging in a road construction project, steps should be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of construction workers.

Workers' comp benefits and returning to work

Residents in Massachusetts typically go to work each week to pay the bills and save up money for other needs and wants in life. While going to work is routine and becomes part of an individual's life, when an employee is injured on the job, this can drastically change his or her life. This not only disrupts their routine but also makes it difficult to make a living and pay their monthly bills. In such situations, workers' compensation or workers' comp can be extremely beneficial.

Benefits offered through workers' compensation claims

When you are injured or become ill due to your workplace environment, many questions may run through your head. How will I pay for medical bills? When can I return to work? Will my family be okay while I recover? Even if you plan on seeking workers' compensation benefits, it might not be clear what is covered and what is not. Additionally, a seriously injured or ill worker might require more resources than just workers' compensation.

Helping you secure workers' compensation after a work accident

While certain industries are more prone to workplace accidents, all workers are potentially at risk of a workplace injury or illness. Because of that, specific training and specialized safety equipment is provided for employees. Event though these serve to increase safety and prevent injuries, if an employer is not up-to-date on workplace safety procedures, or employees fail to follow safety protocol, this could be cause or reason for a serious work accident or injury.

What benefits are available in a workers' compensation claim?

Everyday, people in Massachusetts go to work with the intention of making a living to support themselves or their family. Not many consider that this could be hindered by a work-related injury or a workplace accident. However, whether an employee is in an industry that is inherently dangerous or not, workplace injuries and illnesses are a real possibility. However, when a worker is injured or suffers a workplace illness, there are options available to them, such as filing for workers' compensation.

The dangers of scaffolding accidents in the construction industry

Although construction projects occur throughout the year, the warm spring and summer months experience an upswing in construction projects in Massachusetts and other states across the nation. While the construction industry is essential, it is also an industry that presents a wide array of dangers and hazards for construction workers. While much effort is made to increase safety and reduce construction accidents, serious injuries can occur due to negligence or faulty equipment in the work environment.

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