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Addressing a whiplash injury following a car accident

While drivers in Massachusetts do not expect to be involved in an automobile collision, the reality is that they face these risks every time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. When an accident does occur, those involved should properly address any issues regarding their health. In some cases, a major or minor accident could result in few or no injuries, but accident victims should be certain to rule out any injuries that could present themselves following the accident.

Protecting your rights after a car accident

While being involved in a car accident is the last thing on a person's mind, it is an event that could occur and could greatly impact the life of an accident victim. Our law firm understands that drivers and passengers in Massachusetts could suffer tremendously in a car crash. Not only could their health be at risk, but they could encounter financial hardships due to their injuries, damages and losses suffered in the incident. This is why it is crucial that victim understand their rights and take appropriate actions following an automobile collision.

Three injured in multi-vehicle collision in Massachusetts

Drivers in Massachusetts understand the safe driving habits could help increase the safety of drivers and passengers on the roadways. Although upholding their duty of care while behind the wheel and following the rules of the road could prevent a car accident from occurring, it does not always prevent them from encountering a negligent driver. When a driver speeds, fails to check their blind spots, travels too closely to other vehicles, fails to maintain their lane or does not signal a turn or maneuver, a serious accident could ensue.

$15 million suit filed against GPS manufacturers

Accidents occur every day by the thousands. Some accidents are simple to figure out: Driver A hit driver B, end of story. Then there are accidents where no one and everyone could be at fault. While it is ultimately up to the courts to determine fault in an accident, it is up to the plaintiff and their attorney to determine who to add as a defendant. The decision to add or not add a party could be the difference in a judgment of damages and an actual recovery of damages.

MA pedestrian suffers serious injury after car accident

Massachusetts residents do not like to consider the possibility of an accident when they head out on the road as drivers or pedestrians in Worcester. Nonetheless, the fact is that there is always a risk for an auto accident. The aftereffects of a car accident can be wide-ranging and severe. There can be serious injury and even fatalities. In some instances, the driver of a vehicle might decide to leave the scene in spite of the law and the possibility that people were hurt. It is important for those who are hurt in a hit-and-run accident know what to do after it happens.

Troopers behind the wheel pose danger to citizens

Police actions are increasingly becoming the focus of citizens and the media. With the advent of cell phone cameras, police actions are increasingly under scrutiny. In the wake of videos featuring police brutality, the shooting of unarmed citizens, and other unfortunate actions, many are calling for increased police accountability. What has often been left out of the discussion of police behavior are the actions of police while behind the steering wheels of their cars and the toll it has on the general public.

Who to sue for a hit and run

Auto insurance can be one of the most frustrating bills to pay for good drivers. Depending on how long someone keeps their car and the level of insurance purchased, it is very possible to pay more than the value of the car in insurance payments only to never have to file a claim. But, even great drivers have accidents and in cases involving a hit and run one insurance policy may have to fill the role of the liable driver.

Comparative Negligence in Massachusetts

A great number of car-accident cases hinge on a single word: negligence. Like most legal theories, the exact definition and application of negligence varies from state to state and sometimes issue to issue. A more detailed definition of negligence can be found here but the term basically means one failed to carry out a duty owed to another and that failure caused an injury to the person. This injury can be to a person's reputation, their finances, but in many cases it is an actual physical or emotional injury.

Man blames blackout on bus accident

The number of intensity of distractions has steadily increased as technology becomes more widely available and an essential part of many people's lives. But texting or other uses of technology aren't always to blame for a driver being distracted from the road. A large number of accidents are created by impaired drivers who are under the influence of illegal and legal substances alike.

College student hit and killed while out for a jog

Driving in the United States is a privilege and not a right, which is what any teenage driver should realize Because driving is a privilege, the right to operate a motor vehicle on the public roadways could be suspended or even revoked in certain situations. Driving without the proper licenses and permission can reach the level of criminal behavior even without violating any other laws. Car and truck accidents involving unlicensed drivers may find themselves being resolved in civil as well as criminal court.

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