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Many Massachusetts Nursing Homes Receive Low Ratings

Sending a relative to a nursing home may weigh heavily on a family. People try to pick a home that they trust and that will enhance the quality of their relative's life. Tragically however, a study by shows a surprising picture. The study found that almost one third of nursing homes in Central Massachusetts scored below average for quality. Making many families worried about possible nursing home neglect.

Two Gravely Wounded in Truck Crash in Sturbridge

On July 18, the driver and passenger of a tractor-trailer truck were badly hurt when their vehicle flipped on its side on an exit ramp of Interstate 84 in Sturbridge. Both victims were thrown from the cab of the truck and endured critical injuries. They were flown to the University of Massachusetts Medical Center - University Campus in Worcester for treatment.

Massachusetts State Police Escape Injury in Drunk Driving Accidents

Late last month, two separate car accidents on the same day almost had serious consequences for two Massachusetts State Police officers. In both cases, the driver who caused the motor vehicle accident is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Massachusetts Environmental Police Reminds Boaters to Wear Life Jackets

With the warm weather arriving, Massachusetts residents will take to the waters and enjoy their activities. But the Massachusetts Environmental Police wants to remind boaters that boater and water safety are imperative when enjoying all that Massachusetts has to offer. In 2011, there were 67 boating accidents in Massachusetts alone. These accidents resulted in 10 fatalities.

Massachusetts Crash Shows Just How Dangerous Texting and Drunk Driving Is

There is no question that drunk driving has led to the injuries and deaths of thousands of innocent victims - so, too, has texting and other distracted driving practices. Unfortunately, sometimes both alcohol and texting jointly lead to severe accidents. This dangerous combination was illustrated recently when Massachusetts law enforcement responded to an accident allegedly caused by a texting drunk driver. Apparently with senses and reflexes dulled, the distraction of texting drew the driver's last bits of attention away from the road leaving an innocent woman injured.

Massachusetts Traffic Safety Rating: Yellow

Massachusetts retained its mediocre traffic safety rating according to a national highway association. The primary area of concern in the second-rate grading is the lack of principal seatbelt law enforcement and five other specific statutes - all of which are designed to help protect drivers from severe Massachusetts car accident injuries.

Good Intentions Can Have Negative Consequences on Massachusetts Highways

The federal government recommends that drivers go no faster than 55 miles per hour in order to get better gas mileage and thus save money on gas. While the 55 mph limit may ultimately result in a lower bill at the pumps, you may unknowingly be putting yourself at risk for car accidents on Massachusetts highways - namely highways with speed limits above 55 mph. There are several potential safety issues with driving at 55 mph on highways with higher speed limits. This is especially true during the holiday season when more people will be on the roads shopping and engaging in holiday activities away from home. One problem with driving 55 mph on a highway with a higher speed limit is the driver's creation of, or contribution to, "variable speed" - a disparity in the speed at which vehicles on the road are traveling. Highways are more dangerous when some people are driving fast and others are driving significantly more slowly, and can lead to situations in which someone has to slam on his or her brakes while traveling at high speeds.

Cars and Bicycles Obey the Same Driving Rules

The relationship between bicyclists and motorists has not always been smooth. Bicyclists often feel that motorists don't see or crowd them, which can create dangerous situations for cyclists. And, motorists believe that bicyclists ride like they own the road, which impedes vehicles and creates very dangerous situations when bicyclists fail to heed stop signs and red lights.

Rampant OSHA Violations Alleged at Massachusetts Factory

Last month, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) charged Massachusetts manufacturer Spincraft, Inc. with 38 safety violations, causing the company to face $175,500 in fines.

Worcester Considering Red Light Cameras

Last month, by a vote of 8-2, the Worcester City Council permitted the city manager to file special legislation to would allow "red-light" cameras to be installed at some Worcester intersections. If the legislation is approved, the cameras will take photographs of the offending vehicle's license plate when they run a red light, and after examining the photos, police will issue tickets through the mail.

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