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Take these 10 steps after your teen's in a car crash

No one wants to find out that his or her teen has been involved in a crash. There is a sense of relief knowing that it wasn't your child's fault, but that doesn't make it any easier. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to make sure your teen's case results in the settlement or payout your son or daughter deserves.

Pedestrian tips for safer walking experiences

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention addressed what is common knowledge - that pedestrians are no match for vehicles when the two collide on roads. On any given day, approximately 430 pedestrians in the United States require Emergency Room treatment for injuries suffered in vehicular accidents.

Reasons Massachusetts is seeing an increase in fatal car crashes

A study of 2016 car crash statistics in Massachusetts has revealed that the state is seeing a significant rise in motor vehicle accidents, which has translated into an increase in vehicle-related fatalities. Overall, the state has seen a 20 percent rise in motor vehicle accident deaths in 2016 compared to 2015.

Consider the long-term effects of accident injuries before accepting a settlement

If you have been involved in a car, truck or other type of accident in Massachusetts, chances are you're dealing with a pretty serious injury. Whether you suffered whiplash or soft tissue injuries and expect to recover relatively quickly, or the incident left you partially or permanently disabled, it's important to consider how your injuries will impact your health and quality of life going forward.

4 Advantages to Hiring A Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether you live in Worcester or were passing through on your way to or from Boston, Providence, Hartford or elsewhere, if you were involved in a car accident, hiring a lawyer who knows the local courts and the area's roads can significantly improve your chances of receiving maximum compensation for your injuries.

Addressing a whiplash injury following a car accident

While drivers in Massachusetts do not expect to be involved in an automobile collision, the reality is that they face these risks every time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. When an accident does occur, those involved should properly address any issues regarding their health. In some cases, a major or minor accident could result in few or no injuries, but accident victims should be certain to rule out any injuries that could present themselves following the accident.

Protecting your rights after a car accident

While being involved in a car accident is the last thing on a person's mind, it is an event that could occur and could greatly impact the life of an accident victim. Our law firm understands that drivers and passengers in Massachusetts could suffer tremendously in a car crash. Not only could their health be at risk, but they could encounter financial hardships due to their injuries, damages and losses suffered in the incident. This is why it is crucial that victim understand their rights and take appropriate actions following an automobile collision.

Three injured in multi-vehicle collision in Massachusetts

Drivers in Massachusetts understand the safe driving habits could help increase the safety of drivers and passengers on the roadways. Although upholding their duty of care while behind the wheel and following the rules of the road could prevent a car accident from occurring, it does not always prevent them from encountering a negligent driver. When a driver speeds, fails to check their blind spots, travels too closely to other vehicles, fails to maintain their lane or does not signal a turn or maneuver, a serious accident could ensue.

$15 million suit filed against GPS manufacturers

Accidents occur every day by the thousands. Some accidents are simple to figure out: Driver A hit driver B, end of story. Then there are accidents where no one and everyone could be at fault. While it is ultimately up to the courts to determine fault in an accident, it is up to the plaintiff and their attorney to determine who to add as a defendant. The decision to add or not add a party could be the difference in a judgment of damages and an actual recovery of damages.

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