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Tips to help you reduce the risk of a winter vehicle crash

Even in the best of weather, driving is a risky task. Massachusetts has recently seen an increase in fatal motor vehicle crashes. The imminent arrival of winter weather could very well push 2017's accident and fatality statistics up even farther. When snow and ice cover the streets, the potential for a severe collision or crash typically increases.

Your step-by-step car accident action plan

In the moments following a serious auto accident, you're going to be frazzled, in shock, nervous and dealing with a host of other emotions as you try to navigate the accident scene. Being in such a state could prevent you from making wise choices, but having an action plan will prevent you from making a mistake regarding the important things to which you must attend.

Recovering from broken bones: The stages to know

When you suffered an injury, you knew immediately that a bone was broken. It stung sharply like a bee string and the area became swollen and discolored in just a few minutes. Millions of fractures take place every year all around the world. While most recover without complications, they still cause trouble for those suffering from them at least for a little while.

3 biking safety tips for rainy days

Many drivers don't expect to see cyclists on the roads, particularly when the weather is poor. If you cycle no matter what the weather is, you know that the mentality that no cyclists will be present has the potential to result in your injuries.

Distracted drivers are all around – know how to spot one

How many times have you driven in Worcester traffic, glanced at the cars in the lanes next to you, and seen drivers texting, talking on the phone, combing their hair and doing all sorts of things other than focusing solely on driving? There was even that time you saw that guy using his knees to steer the car while he ate a hamburger. When every minute counts, many people use their daily commutes to multitask. While this may increase their productivity, it also increases the likelihood of a severe car accident.

Exhaustion is a major contributor to truck accidents

Getting into any kind of motor vehicle collision is terrifying. When the other vehicle is a commercial truck, it can be a nightmare. Large trucks are so big and heavy that they can cause catastrophic accidents with severe injuries and even fatalities. These accidents are relatively common, despite efforts to reduce traffic accidents. In fact, the number of serious crashes seems to be on the rise in many areas. No matter how carefully you try to drive, you can't protect yourself from a bigger vehicle that turns across your lane, plows into your vehicle or merges into a space where you're driving.

Why would I settle a personal injury suit out of court?

Personal injury suits come in many shapes and sizes and degrees of severity. A skilled and thoughtful attorney will never recommend a particular path to justice without first considering each individual case's merits and the details of the injury itself.

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