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FMCSA smartphone app could help improve truck and bus safety

Drivers in Massachusetts often encounter various types of vehicles on the roadways. Of these are large trucks and busses. Residents may be aware that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA passed federal regulations concerning commercial trucks, their driving times and log-in requirements. Since interstate bus and truck companies do not fall under these requirements, state and federal law enforcement personnel have sought out ways to review the safety performance of these vehicles.

Could seatbelts on school busses save lives?

Many children in Massachusetts travel on a bus to and from school. While this is a common practice in schools districts across the nation, there is always concern for children in the event a bus accident occurs. In order to increase school bus safety, many question whether seatbelts should be implemented in an attempt to reduce and prevent injuries and fatalities in the event of a school bus accident.

How frequent are school bus accidents?

When school is in session, it happens every week - children use the bus to get to and from school. While school buses are relatively safe vehicles for young students to travel in, parents in Massachusetts are often concerned about the possibility of a school bus related crash and what could be done to increase the safety of students using this form of transportation.

Massachusetts bus accident causes parents to question drivers

As a nation the U.S. has a questionable record in its treatment of those over the age of 60, including those in Massachusetts. While few say it aloud, many people believe that the older a person gets, the less able they are to correctly do a job. This thinking is present in almost every industry from fast food work to doctors and lawyers. But, many people fail to realize that those over the age of 60 are present in most workplaces across the United States.

MA teen in stable condition after bus accident

There is a reason that states, including Massachusetts, have laws delineating the age that a person must be before they are able to obtain a driver's license. Many teens have shorter attention spans and are less able to concentrate on a single task when compared to their adult counterparts. While operating a motor vehicle is off limits without a license, riding a bike or other forms of transportation is still fair game. This puts teens on the same road as fast moving vehicles, but without the protection of a car.

No critical injuries after MA school bus and dump truck collide

In order to travel it is, unfortunately, often necessary for people to put their life in the hands of another. This is true for everything from trains and planes to cars and school buses. People who transport others for pay often need a special license which shows they have completed extra driver training. But even with extra training it is virtually impossible to avoid every hazard of the road.

Police still investigating bus crash that injured nine

Public transportation is a valuable resource to not only those who use its services, but to the cities that provide the service and the environment. A bus not only reduces the number of cars on the road, but it provides those without motor vehicles a reliable and affordable method of moving around a city. Riding a bus or other form of public transportation is not without its risk, however, as individuals give up control and put it in the hands of whomever is operating the vehicle.

FMCSA going after unsafe bus, truck drivers

We've previously discussed bus accidents in the United States and despite the Transportation Department's best attempts to increase safety and reduce crashes, bus accidents are still happening. In the wake of several horrific commercial bus accidents across the country, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is trying to crackdown on dangerous bus and truck drivers to prevent future accidents. 

FMCSA may not be keeping unsafe buses off Massachusetts' roads

Millions of people travel on commercial buses every year in the United States. Reports show tour and intercity buses have an estimated 700 million passengers each year, showing just how many people use buses as their main way of transportation for daily activities and longer trips. Many passengers don't think about the potential risks they face riding these buses, but a new report by the National Transportation Safety Board may have passengers second guessing all the time they spend on the bus. 

Fatal bus crash highlights safety risks for passengers

Many people and groups use buses for traveling instead of driving their own vehicles. Riding a bus can be cheaper and more convenient for many people. However, a recent fatal bus accident is just another tragic example of the dangers bus passengers face when traveling long distances on a commercial bus.

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